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Choreographic Poetry consists of sixteen literary scores for dance.


The scores' poetic nature and stingent structure forms a series of curious, playful and contemplative performance pieces in the spirit of the groundbreaking New York School.

The 1950s/60s avant garde movement in New York, including composers such as John Cage, Earle Browne, Morton Feldman, musicians, visual and performance artists, choreographers and dancers, invented new forms and new collaborations. Methods often involved indeterminacy, chance operations, graphic scores and performer choice.


The work that has lead to this book is both groundbreaking and adventurous. Janne-Camilla Lyster has combined her work as both poet and dancer, and in addition written a number of personal essays on the writing of this kind of poetry.


Choreographic Poetry is a result of Lyster's artistic PhD,  and contains a complete Norwegian and English version.


Janne-Camilla Lyster (b. 1981) is a writer, choreographer and dancer. She has published several critically acclaimed poetry collections, as well as the novel Mørke dyr, published 2018. Choreographic Poetry is her eighth publication.

Choreographic Poetry

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